Ritual Incense helps you meditate and is ideal for your energy cleansing, rituals and spiritual work.

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Discover our handmade incense, bundles of sage, resins and more…

Ritual-Incense Favorites

  • Cinnamon and Patchouli Incense

    Cinnamon and Patchouli Incense

    5,99 (IVA incl.)
  • Copal Incense

    7,75 (IVA incl.)
  • White Sage Incense

    7,75 (IVA incl.)
  • Palo Santo and Myrrh Incense

    7,99 (IVA incl.)
  • Handmade Incense Set

    28,00 (IVA incl.)

We make our incense one by one…

With great care, elements that come from Mother Earth and surrounded by the special energy of the magical mountain of Montserrat

High quality natural incense for therapists, yoga centers, to meditate, cleanse and heal your soul and your spaces

Benefits and uses of incense, resins, bundles of sage and more…


Experts in the elaboration of incense

Incense has accompanied the history of humanity for centuries, as it is an invaluable aid to balance mind and emotions.

But only what comes from Life can improve Life. That is why our incenses are 100% natural.

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