About Ritual-Incense

Ritual Incense is the result of years of searching, professionally and personally

My name is Fran Pérez and in 2009 I began a spiritual path that has brought me here. I abandoned the traditional jobs that I was doing at the time and practices such as Yoga and later Kundalini Yoga came into my life, which awakened creativity in me.

I began to feel the desire to create with my own hands, from freedom, without constrictions…

Then I connected with the world of sound and later with aromas, which was the beginning of the change in my life. I found myself observing the smells and seeing how they moved me, transported me to other times and other places.

I felt that, in some way, I longed to share with others that deep sense of well-being that aromas gave me.

And this is how Ritual-Incense was born.